Saturday, May 9, 2009

Serial programmer for AT89C2051

This is a Programmer for AT89C2051 microcontroller combined with Runner part for testing programmed microcontroller. Original idea of this programmer created by Wichit Sirichote from Thailand. It is very convinient to use it for learning this small microcontroller. You can program the microcontroller on the first ZIP socket, and run programmed microcontroller on the other one. Experimental boards can be attached to the 20 pin header connector.

Pic. 1.
Pic. 1 shows assembled prototype of the Programmer/Runner.

Pic. 2
Schematic diagram of the board is shown in pic. 2. Programmer and Runner parts share same power supply, serial port and quartz oscillator as well. Serial ports level converter is assembled on transistors. Firmware writer1.hex and EZ-Downloader V4.1 program can be downloaded from Wichit's site. Tough I assembled as a prototype I made PCB design for this board.
Pic. 3. PCB design

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